Volume-4 Issue-3

Review Article Published Date: 31/08/2020
Anesthesia Management in Citoreductive Surgery and Hypertermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Cases

Author(s): Sevda Ozkar desler and Ugur Koca* and

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Research Article Published Date: 28/08/2020
Potentials of Commercialization of Smallholder Farming in Kigoma Region, Tanzania: Gross Profit Margin Analysis of Selected Crops in Selected Districts, Kigoma Region

Author(s): Chami Avit A*

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Review Article Published Date: 26/08/2020
Auditory Consequences of Noise Pollution in Humans: A Scoping Review

Author(s): Mohammad Abu Bashar*

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Research Article Published Date: 25/08/2020
Real Life Experience of Emergency Management in the Response to Sars-Cov-2 Emerging Epidemic

Author(s): Xiaohui Yu, Chuanen Han, Lei Wang, Chuanying Ning, Dianxun Ding, Weisi Yan, Yuwen Zhang and Ying Yan*

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Short Communication Published Date: 24/08/2020
Management of Delayed Chyle Leak after Thyroid Cancer Surgery- A Case Report

Author(s): Shubham Goel, Lalit Kumar Bansal*, Abid Wani and Archit Garg

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