Volume-4 Issue-1

Review Article Published Date: 13/08/2020
The Importance of Genetic Modification for Contents of Bioactive Compounds in Feed and Food Plants

Author(s): Sarvananda L* and Shashika M Thanthrige

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Research Article Published Date: 12/08/2020
The Impact of Medication on Psychomotor Functions Rehabilitation Strategy, in a Case with Complications Induced by a Polipathology- Limphom, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): Adina Geambaşu*, Ancuța Constantin, Florin Dumitru Mihaltan and Ruxandra Ulmeanu

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Research Article Published Date: 11/08/2020
Phytochemical Screening & Biological Investigations of Ficus Racemosa

Author(s): Abdul Kader Mohiuddin*, Sayra Akter Lia

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Review Article Published Date: 06/08/2020
Pharmaceutical Solid Oral Dosage Form Analysis: Literature Review

Author(s): Yesuneh Tefera Mekasha*

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Research Article Published Date: 05/08/2020
Serum Ascites Albumin Gradient (SAAG); A Non-Invasive Predictor of Esophageal Varices in Cirrhotic Patients

Author(s): Asad-ur-Rehman, Madeeha Nazar, Muhammad Ahmed*, Abdullah Khalid Yousaf, Sadaf Rafique, Fazal-urRahman, Ali Sufyan

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