Volume-11 Issue-1

Research Article Published Date: 21/02/2022
Metabolomics Study of the Effects of Zinc Sulfate in Mild Hepatic Encephalopathy

Author(s): Xue Fei Liu, Ying Li*, Jin Jin Lu, Xiu Ying Yang and Jin Wei Qiang*

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Research Article Published Date: 19/02/2022
The Role of the Strategy Map in Managing a Strategic Medical Entity During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Author(s): Joanna Jasińska*

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Review Article Published Date: 18/02/2022
Short Course Digoxin in Acute Heart Failure

Author(s): Trabelsi Imen, Tounsi Nejia, Yaakoubi Hajer, Msolli mohammed Amine, Beltaief Kaouthar, Sekma Adel, Boukadida Lotfi, Bziouich Nasri, Fredj Nizar, Ezzina Zied, Grissa Mohammed Habib, Boukef Riadh, Bouida Wahid, Boubaker Hamdi, Nouira Semir*

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Review Article Published Date: 16/02/2022
Noise Pollution is One of the Main Health Impacts in Big Cities Today

Author(s): Tamaz Patarkalashvili*

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Research Article Published Date: 15/02/2022
Effect of Qishan Formula Granules on Interventing Obesity Intestinal Microflora and Immune-Inflammatory

Author(s): Wei Yan*, Hong Yuzhi, Hou Pengchao

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