Volume-10 Issue-5

Research Article Published Date: 09/02/2022
Learning Difficulties and Reading Comprehension in the First Grades of Primary School

Author(s): Theofilidis Antonis*

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Research Article Published Date: 16/02/2022
Complex Kinesiological Conundrum Could Microzyman Machinations/Inhibitions Explain the Relative Tardiness of Initial Infantile Human Locomotion?

Author(s): Seun Ayoade* Martin Garwicz, Maria Christensson and Elia Psouni

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Mini Review Published Date: 04/02/2022
Marine Drugs as a Valuable Source of Natural Biomarkers Used in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Author(s): Uma Nath U and Lal Prasanth

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Research Article Published Date: 02/02/2022
Forest Biodiversity Degradation: Assessment of Deforestation in Ohaji Egbema Forest Reserve, Imo State, Nigeria Using GIS Approach

Author(s): Egbuche Christian Toochi*, Okereke Ejiogu Ngozi E, Azubuike N O, I E Duruanyim, Marcellin Robertson, Okoi U Ina Jnr and Duru IC

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Mini Review Published Date: 26/01/2022
The Advantages of Peritoneal Dialysis over Hemodialysis

Author(s): Sami Bahçebaşi*

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