Author Guidelines


Who wish to submit a manuscript to our Open Access Journal of Biogeneric Science and Research has some guidelines:

  • Authors’ can submit any topic relevant to science which are not published and peer reviewed too.
  • Before Submission of manuscript authors are requested to review and ensure the accuracy and validity of all the results >=70 and Submitted Manuscript should be in the form of Doc, File PDF, Videos.
  • No restrictions on word count, Figures, Tables and References and is based on their research work. (i.e. article exceeding >30 pages considered as e-Book).
  • Along with Research work, cover letter is compulsory.
  • All authors are requested to submit the copyright transfer form once they receive the acceptance of article for the publication.
  • Author’s must accept the comments from the reviewers and ready to modify.



  • Our Open Access Journal of Biogeneric Science and Research provides acceptance and publication certificate for corresponding and co-authors.
  • To increase visibility we promote articles in all different social websites.


Article withdrawal Policy

Authors can request a free withdrawal of article within days of submission. If author wants to withdraw article after peer review process then must mention valid reasons for article withdrawal. A withdrawal penalty (Withdrawal Fee) will be issued to author, would like to withdraw the article which is already under process. Author will have to pay the minimal fee.

If author wants to withdraw article after publication, then the APC paid by the author will not be refunded, as it had undergone processing and publication steps.

Processing Fee:

In our Open Access Journal of Biogeneric Science family, the authors and Editorial Board Members are given utmost consideration and are provided with the special membership and Subscription plans unlike the others.

Article Type

High Income

Middle Income

Low Income

Research Article




Case Report




Review Article











Types of manuscripts:

  • Research
  • Editorial
  • Review
  • Mini Review
  • Case Report
  • Short Communication
  • Others



Cancellation and Refund Policy: 

Cancellations if any, have to be made within 48 hours of payment. After that, no requests for refund will be entertained. Although a cancellation charge as 7.5% of the actual payment will be penalized from the refund amount. There will be no refund in case of 48 hours are over after the payment.

If the creative work is already published:

The composer/author/owner can withdraw the "creative work" (e-book or study-material or research work or any other kind of paper work) from "24by7 Publishing" any time, if the book gets selected for print/publication by any conventional or other publishers; or for other reasons. There can be a service cancellation charge (only in some special cases) of maximum $100 for doing this; however the composer/author/owner must inform "24by7 Publishing" by e-mail, so that "24by7 Publishing" stops selling and enlisting his "creative work"(e-book or study-material or research work or any other kind of paper work). There will be no case of refund from "24by7 Publishing" for the composer/author/owner withdrawing a book or withholding publication.