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Open Access Journal of Biogeneric Science and Research refers to free and unrestricted online access to scientific and scholarly information. Peer-reviewed article is freely available without subscription or price barriers, article is immediately released in open access format like PDF, HTML, e-book and free of charge. The objective of  Open Access Journal of Biogeneric Science and Research articles are provide a scientific communication medium to discuss the highest advancements in the domain of medical, Business, Social, Life sciences & Technologies. In fact, our Open Access Journal Biogeneric Science and Research mainly aims to assemble and reserve precise, specific, detailed data on this immensely significant subject.

Open Access Journal of Biogeneric Science and Research is a self-supporting, with no dependency on any other external sources like Research centers, universities for funds and strives for the best and enhanced quality publications compete for the worldwide open access publishing. All the publication articles, which will be submitted by young researchers or experts, will undergo a peer review process under the guidance of our expert editors. We always rely on the support from the members of our team that is relevantly our Authors, Editorial Committee members, advisory board, Reviewers Board and all the technical support teams all over the globe. We accept all the submissions of significant articles like Research, reviews, Case Studies, Short Communications, Mini reviews, Short Communications, Conceptual Papers, Editorials, Perspectives etc. which covers advanced research output aiding in forwarding the Science are utmost welcome.


For all the continuous researchers, Scholars and all young students we are proving the Prodigious opportunity called Membership other than remunerating for single article.

Individual Membership:
Researchers like academicians, scientists, educators and industry professionals from all over the world. Members will get the benefit of publishing unlimited number of any type of articles within precise period in Open Access Journal of Biogeneric Science and Research.

Fee for 12Months: $4,999 USD (High)
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Department Membership:
Department in any university/institute, societies/associations. All the department members can contribute their work and publish without any fee within the registered period towards publication of any type of articles within precise period.

Fee for 12Months: $5,499 USD (High Income)
Fee for 12Months: $3,699 USD (Low Income)